Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now the Pace We're Livin' Takes the Wind from My Sails

I'm not a humongous Buck Owens fan but he was very influential.  He was part of a renegade country movement in the late '60's that was termed "the Bakersfield sound."  It was a blend between the traditional country and western sound of the 50's along with a little bit of the more "produced" Countrypolitan sound developing at the time.  Many artists I do very much like adapted elements of their sound from Buck Owens' recordings including Merle Haggard, the Flying Burrito Brothers and even the Beatles and the Stones.  The Bakersfield sound morphed into the Outlaw Country movement of the 70's and became hugely popular when Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and others started reaching pop charts.  Today you hear Owens' influence in Dwight Yoakim and many other country artists.  OK, so that is today's attempt at being a writer for Rolling Stone!  I just thought that line from Tiger by the Tail fit my feelings as I was contemplating how to fit everything into my life.  :)

So maybe you are thinking - "hey Ryan this Keeley stuff is great but what about Sandra, you never ended that story?"

And you know what you would be right.  So listen here ladies this is a deep dark entrance into the warped male mind here; total candor and rationalisation.  Men are good at rationalising you know.  I make no apologies for me and guys in general here, but then again I suspect you were never here to read about Good Guy adventures!

You see I work in hospitality so I work a lot of weekends and often will have a long day or two during the week.  But I'm also the boss (in my little area) and make my own schedule so that allows me to take an afternoon off or two.  My boss (the VP way up in the sky) is only worried about the bottom line as most bosses are wont to do.  Thankfully old Ryan is a cash cow and always makes budget so I generally have the freedom to do as I please at work as long as I keep producing.

Sorry for that egoistic diatribe on work.  But anyways here is the rationalization.

Sandra and I were basically meeting every other week and one of those weeks would generally just be lunch or breakfast; the other well, you know.  I didn't get the impression that Keeley was looking for someone who would be draped all over her constantly.  So my plan in my devious and now "bad guy" brain was that I would see Keeley one week and Sandra the next.  In that way I would achieve a perfect Feng Shui balance; kind of like the Karate Kid in an adult way "Sex on, sex off, Keeley on, Sandra off, Keeley off, Sandra, on, wax on, wax off!"  :)

Btw, in writing this I googled "wax on, wax off" just for the hay of it and found that there is actually a Wax on Wax Off Spa in Chicago - I guess I just find that funny!  Anybody care to join me for a couples waxing next time I'm in the Second City (my treat)!

Here is Buck Owens and the Buckaroos from Cornfield County!


Rosie said...

Wait, wait, I recognize this as a cliffhanger. Don't think you can slip that past me. I read the Dog and so I know.

Anonymous said...

Willie, Waylon, and Merle would be the ultimate gang bang! Lol, maybe a little Cash back before he went back to being a good guy? I think so! :)