Friday, September 16, 2011

FFF - Load

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Was she sexually attractive?  How can one say they desire an angle.  The heights of her beauty and elegance put her on an unattainable peak, but I was always near her.  Her glow radiated a warmth throughout the crew.  I was scarcely more than the guy that would load the sets.

But many nights I was the guy that stayed late and listened to her dreams after a long rehersal.  But every time I had to let her go.  She would tell me what was in her heart but that heart belonged to him.

That is until the day that he tossed her beautiful heart away for another just in from Kiev.

So once again I listened to my beautiful ballarina's heart.  But this time that heart looked back at me not as an admirerer but as a soul with whom to dance.


Anonymous said...

a new dancing partner. beautifully written. happy fff!

Word said...

Beautiful. Sometimes we miss the people that are right in front of us.

David said...

Nice story, great finish. happy fff

Ryan Beaumont said...

Except that I'm thinking that the male ballerina comes back and we have a Sophie's Choice type story and ending.

But then again sometimes I turn to the dark side too often :)

France said...

This is filled with longing and a bit of pain too. Now, let's dance. :)