Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Fill Me Up to the Top

1. You’re on a speed date. You’ve got 7 minutes with the potential partner. You already know the person’s name. What are the first three questions you would ask?

*  What are you passionate about?
*  Where have you lived and traveled?
*  What do you do in your spare time.

2. Have you ever participated in speed dating? Did you get a regular date/second date out of it?

*  Can Ashley Madison be considered speed dating?  I guess that depends on what you consider to be dating - see Prowling with Kat

3. Do you participate in online dating? How many dates have you had as a result of online dating sites/matches?

*  Yes.  I don't know if I can say, I have not caught up on my blog.  Let's say 5 for now.  But again I don't think Kat would call these dates.

4. You are attracted to:

a. Who people are?  Except what people have and what they can do is part of who they are.  If people have charm and a fulfilled life they are more attractive.  If they do something artistic that interests me that is attractive.  But mostly if they are fun and captivate me that is what I look for the most.

5. What “little red flag” will cause you to end a date or immediately decide this person isn’t for you?  I would never abruptly end a date unless she threw something at me :)  But greed and arrogance turn me off.  That is what we prevent me from asking for a second date.

6. What do you feel you need to sacrifice or have sacrificed to be a part of a relationship?  It's best if you don't have to sacrifice at all - meaning when you choose to spend time with someone, when it isn't work, that is best.  I guess specifically it would be time and resources.  Are you going to shift your life around to make that person feel special.

7. If you cooked for your date, what would you cook?  I am always about flexibility, I can cook a lot and enjoy many cuisines and I like to make people feel special.  But if I'm choosing it would probably be Creole.  Shrimp and Grits, Etouffe, Sweet Corn Muffins, Bread Pudding, Gumbo, etc.

8. At the end of a first date, how would you kiss your date?

a. Press your lips against theirs, I tend to be shy and I don't assume, yet I also like slow gentle kisses that lead to more.  So I tend to see where it goes and follow her lead while acting like I'm confidently leading.  Does that make sense?

Bonus:  You just put up a profile on a dating site. You must describe yourself in 10 words or less. What are your 10 words?

One glass of Ryan just keeps me thirsty for wine!  :)


"I wake up in the morning and piss excellence!"
note - quote from Ricky Bobby

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France said...

Aww aren't you the cutest with your bonus answer! I like the first date kiss strategy.