Friday, September 9, 2011

You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here?

First off let me tell you to skip on over to Prowling with Kat today as she has graciously invited me to take up space on her blog as a guest writer for her Fantasy Friday.  Actually I have to admit I had been beating down the door trying to land a guest post gig for some time and finally I think she took pity on me!  :)

As we say down here "even a blind pig can find an acorn every now and again!"  :)

Thanks Kat!  I hope I don't cause too much embarrassment over there in the land of fruit and nuts!

Blogger Stats:

I have had fun reading other bloggers notes on their stats, particularly the key word searches that have led "googlers" to the various blogs.  So I guess I should jump on the band wagon and do my little thing on blog stats.

My guess is that regardless of the search term most who happen upon my little blog are thinking those Talking Heads lyrics as they scratch their head and try to figure out "how did I get here?"

So I guess I should congratulate or sympathize with Sa Belle Petite Amie from Only Girl on AM as she was my 1st follower.  I would set up a link to her site but she has recently taken it down.  If you're still out there Belle - how's it goin'?  Since then I have gravitated up to 62 followers as of today.  Thank you so much for being here, seeing those little icons on my dashboard is a little ray of sunshine to me!

Hits/Traffic Sources:
Thanks to the fact that I have Ashley Madison in my title I get most of my hits (about 50%) from the search term "Ashley Madison theme song."  In fact if you type that into google I come in #4 after the Stern Fan Network, maybe Howard has mentioned my site.  During the week I'll range from about 350 to 450 hits per day.  On the weekends its down to around 150.  Sometimes when I can time a post along with a Riff Dog cliffhanger I can get up into the 500's.  Ooops, did I just admit I shamelessly jump on the Riff Dog bandwagon just to get exposure?  Shame on me!  My all time highest has been 845 in a day.  I am currently at about 56,000 hits since I started in early December.

After google my all-time top referring site is Ashley and Me (about 10%, no surprise there), thanks to Riff (the Master of the Kwan).  After that we have Under Contract to My Wife, Prowling with Kat, Sex and the Shitty, Holly in Wonderland, Anatomies of a Marriage, the World Begins, and Sex-in-the-South to thank for most of the balance of those hits.

A little over half of my hits are from the US.  With most of those coming obviously from dry counties with few women where they have absolutely nothing to do!  Actually, I don't know - I don't think Blogger breaks down by state.  After the US, Canada takes the silver with 5% of my hits with the UK taking Bronze.  Australia comes in 4th but hopefully with my Keeley posts I'll be up down under in the near future!  We've seen some success in Asia and the Russias but have not broken into South America very much.  I guess Borat really gets me!  And to my Nigerian prince out there - NO I don't want to deposit any money into an account for you - I can barely keep the lights on as it is with my paycheck!

Search Terms:
This is where the fun really begins!

So here are some of those wacky search terms:

Ukrainian Girls little ass sex
Ukraine mother turned me off
Ann Coulter I’d fuck her
Mardi Gras tits
Meredith Salinger sexy ass
Hot Dogs with celery salt
Something tells me the guy at the door is next
Bob’s Country Bunker
Ashley Madison is horrible

And yes I am so proud that you can google a hot dog or screwing Ann Coulter and find your way to my happy little site.  Kind of makes me all warm inside in a 6 degrees of seperation kind of way.

I wonder if I've converted any of those souls who google "Ashley Madison is horrible?"

Of course many an unfortunate soul has innocently been looking for one of their favorite lyrics and has mistakenly tripped onto my blog.  In fact, I put the "adult content" message after I saw a search term "My Man Stanley" on my blog stats.  I was horrified that some poor kid looking for that cartoon My Man Stanley had clicked his way onto my site :(  Btw, if you don't know the Baha Men, famous for Who Let the Dogs Out, also recorded the theme song to that cartoon.  Those same Baha Men just came in top 10 this week for the Worst Song of the 90's.


My all time most popular post is my Happy Ashley Madison day post but that is what comes up on the Ashley Madison theme song search term in google.  So I consider that stuffing the ballot box.

The second most popular post is my first post A Day that Will Live in Infamy.  But I think that is the case with every blog.  I do the same thing when I go to a new blog.  I read the post I'm linked to and then I go back to the first post because that is usually some type of introduction.

My most popular post on real terms is Don't Know What I Want which is where I mention first reading Riff Dog.  And I love those Sex Pistols lyrics!  That one is closely followed by You and Me Baby Ain't Nothin' but Mammals - that title is kind of an attention grabber.

So hopefully that gives you a little useless information on the Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad.  I do thank you for being here.  You make this bad guy feel very good!  :)


France said...

Are Mardi Gras tits better than Thanksgiving tits? Hmm.

Unknown said...

The one thing the stats don't count is readers like me who use RSS feeds. Since I mostly read from work, I'm careful on which sites I access directly which is why I don't comment as much.

I would recommend setting up google analytics which will break down the city as well. There are some others which will give you more info such as the pages accesses in order.

Kat said...

Sweet Lou beat me to it. Definitely set up Google Analytics. You'll get a lot more information.

I think you show up with such a diversity of keywords because you post about such a diversity of topics, and that's a good thing, of course.

Now I'm going to take up the challenge of making it higher up on the referrers list. ;-)

Keep writing.....I love to read you. Clearly, many others do, too.