Friday, November 25, 2011

The Fire in Your Eyes Keeps Me Alive

Nothing to me says Gen X like the Cult and this song "She Sells Sanctuary."  Maybe because it was in that movie "Singles."  God, Bridgette Fonda was so fine in that movie!  I think I started liking coffee and  grunge music just because of her!

Anyway, it's amazing how much you start to miss sex when you have it with consistency.  Prior to meeting Alesha it had been awhile for me.  But with Sandra, it had become consistent and more importantly great.  And a dash of Keeley had only helped.

But by mid-January the holidays had created a dry spell of almost two months.  And that was no fun.

I remember a fraternity friend one night, when we were all drinking heavily, waxing poetic by saying

"wow, I really feel sorry for the next girl I have sex with; it's been a long time and I may blow her head off with the wad I'm likely to shoot (that means orgasm he was not a serial killer)"

I won't present my attitude as ineligantly as that but let's just say I was ready for some action coming out of the gate in 2011.

So about the second week of January the weather wasn't too bad, Shannon was off on a trip, and Sandra and I had another one of our indoor picnics set for our little Comfort Inn down the road and just off the Frontage Road (I say that hearing the Reverend Billy Ray Collins from the John Boy and Billy show)!

As was the norm I got the room arrived early and with wine, cheese, hummus, and pita chips.  Sandra called a few minutes before she arrived to let me know she was near.  I watched and saw her pull up and then walked down that back stairwell to that hotel side door to greet her.

She looked gorgeous in her shades, her knee high leather boots, and a tight grey "stretchy" dress cut low.  

I said hello and took her by the hand and walked her inside and up the stairs and to our room.  I think she was talking about her dogs but I was only thinking about how I didn't want any foreplay just get right down to it sex!

As we walked in I handed her a cup of wine I had already poured.  She stood in front of the bed continuing her dialouge about her pets.  But I have to admit I was not listening.

I walked up behind her as she stood facing the side of the bed.  I put my arms low around her waist and pulled her into me and dove my face into her neck at first kissing and then nibbling.

She said "ohhhh, you are restless today" and turned around and with a smile and a gleem in her eyes.  She kissed me and then started to unbutton my shirt.

Once unclothed Sandra turned to get onto the bed.  I didn't let her roll onto her back, rather put my knees onto the bed just behind her and guided her waist forward.  Once we were both on the bed I pulled her ass into my waist and moved my hand around to her pussy.

She was wet so I wasted no time putting myself into her.  She looked so good stretched out in front of me.  I loved the feel of her ass slapping against my hips.  Several minutes of that were very invigorating but it can get a little tiring and for some reason as much as I enjoy it from behind I always struggle with cuming in that position.

So she laid down, rolled over, and we went into missionary mode and it wasn't long before we came together; although I think it was her second.

After that it was naked wine and cheese and just hanging out.

Well, maybe there was a shower together at some point!

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