Monday, November 7, 2011

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wait Ryan, we just got through with Halloween and you're talking about Christmas have you spent too much time in Walmart???  Well just hold onto your Thanksgiving Turkey, not too hard or its considered pleasure!

No, while I have noticed Christmas stuff in Lowe's (btw, I never go into Walmart unless I have to) you have to remember in my blog world I am nearing last Christmas.  Last week I mentioned that, although medically things looked fine with Shannon, Keeley and I decided to call things off amicably.  And Sandra, good person that she is, had sort of given me a time-off slip through the holidays.  All of which gave me time to re-think what I was doing, enjoy the holiday with my family (which I love), and continue to think about this little document I had been working on.  Would I really like to do this blogging thing I keep reading about; these guys like Riff really seem to enjoy it - maybe I could do it too.

Well, obviously as you can see I decided to do it.  But my bloggaversary is still a few weeks away so let's put that story on the back-burner for now.

Sandra and I did meet for lunch one more time before Christmas; unfortunately no-sex.  But it was nice to see her, relax, and just talk about life, the holidays, etc.  I gave her some wine as a present.  She gave me candy canes with the logo of my school's biggest rival.  I think she got the schools confused but I didn't have the heart to correct her - it's the thought that counts you know.  :)

Anyway this is all boring and I promised to catch up to the present soon; which I will in the coming weeks.

But today's educational piece is "affairs and the holidays don't mix."  I think this is good timing as we are fast approaching that season so as always I want to add my little 2 cents (knowing full well that assessed value may be a stretch)!

Holiday Roadblocks to Affairs:
*  When the kids are out of school that is just one more obstacle to getting away.  And before you go saying "Ryan you're a jerk," yes I do value my family time and love it when I can spend an entire day with my girls!  So, yes I do choose to go see the National tree with family over hotel room hook-ups.  So get in that family time, rest up, and get back into the infidelity ballgame after the new year!
*  Other family are around and they have to be entertained.  And they don't always assume I'm as stupid as Shannon does so they might actually be more perceptive.  Shannon btw always plugs along at her job so I tend to be the entertainer for both sides of the family.  So be careful about those mother-in-laws!  Remember, she never liked you; don't give her the Christmas present of being able to nail you to the cross!
*  Ryan's job slows down a bit over the holidays so the, "we are swamped right now honey" excuse doesn't work as well.  And you can only be at the gym for so long!  For you, if your work pattern has changed make sure the sheets of your affair pattern are not suddenly left to hang in the wind.
*  Travel - hard to keep up those liaisons when we are two states away.  And traveling man is pretty tough to do in between Midnight and Christmas Day mass!
*  Even though there is the temptation to slide in an $89 hotel charge on the card; who would notice with all those purchases, it does tend to be the one time of year Shannon is a little more perceptive of finances.  After all, it's time to buy, buy, buy, plan for Spring Break vacations, and buy some more so she wants to make sure every possible penny is spent to it's highest enjoyment value.  Oh right, and Ryan (Mr. Stick in the Mud) is starting to think about taxes so we are usually sparing over the value of another trip to the Caribbean versus paying our taxes, HOA assessments, insurance premiums, etc.  All of this makes Shannon very angry and she expects Ryan to justify any expenditure that is not associated with disposable spending.  Sorry, I ranted - let's just say this is the one time of year Shannon would notice money going towards anything other than her!  :)

OK, hopefully you get the picture.  But I would love to hear your thoughts!  What do you do over the holidays?  Do you take a break?  Does it afford you more time?  Let's share some of those "best practices!"

And so to finish out my 2010, Sandra was pretty busy too so we wished each other Happy Holidays and agreed to get in touch right after the new year!

So let's push fast forward and go over to 2011, finally!  But first, next week I want to go back one more time and do some e-mail queen stories - they are so fun when Riff tells them, let's see how mine stack up.

So next week will be E-Mail Queens week!


Anonymous said...

I am not entirely sure my answer counts since my husband knows and supports my extra-martial endeavors, but the holidays are a killer! I am having a date night next Friday with a potential lover and I know things will go great, but I probably won't see him again for weeks. It sucks, but the holidays seem to take up all of the time in the world! However, it is an exciting time for me to try and sneak in one good tryst if I can and I am definitely up to the challenge if next Friday is the night I think it will be! :)

Riff Dog said...

I'm in the same boat when it comes to holidays. I'd have to think whether I've ever had a "date" between Thanksgiving and New Years. With all the other factors going on, it could add stress and that's kinda the opposite of the whole point.

Email Queens? Yep, I'm looking forward to that. It's always fun . . . when it happens to someone else! ;-)

Kat said...

Nice post, Ryan! I'm with you. The holidays are all about family. I won't hook up over the holidays, but I try to mainatain communication over the holidays. Why? Because 2-3 weeks in the online and infidelity worlds can seem like a lifetime. If there is one I'm really interested in, I want to keep him on the leash until I'm back in play.

Unknown said...

Holidays are so busy I don't think I've met anyone in December either. There's just too much going on. Especially with us who have school age children.