Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Only the Lonely Can Play

E-Mail Queens Week

Day 3:  Sandra (lite) or Mrs. Decorator

OK, so Aleah was a no-go for external reasons.  But it made me think that I was really hitting my stride on this AM thing.  My batting average seemed to be almost Riff-esque.

So I got back out there and found Lonely in DC.  Well that was not her actual name just her profile name but I'm not getting any inspiration for names right now so let's call her Mrs. Decorator or Sandra-lite.  That's because Sandra is an Interior Decorator as well.  Funny how I have attracted some of these classy decorator types.  Maybe it's because I've lived with a personal interior decorator all my life.  No, Shannon is not an Interior Decorator by trade but boy can she spend my money like one!  Anyway Mrs Decorator/Sandra (lite) is an Interior Decorator (like Sandra) but perhaps just not quite as vivacious, hence Sandra-lite.

So Mrs Decorator said she had her own business and was well educated and wanted someone similar.  She had food, wine, outdoors all checked and was looking to reignite, etc.....

I think she listed herself as 5'6" and about 120#'s.  So petite, I like that.

Overall, she sounded perfect, I could hit on all my normal tag lines; tour of vineyard, walk on Potomac, romance, adventure, enchantment, coffee at alternative third place, etc.

She responded back and we got to e-mail fairly quickly.  She was very interesting and we did share our experiences with travel, food, the outdoors, etc.  She is from Western NC and loves the mountains, moi aussi (love mountains, not from NC originally).  She attended a small fancy private college in the south that few other than a dork like me would have heard of.  So all things considered it was looking good.

We actually had a date set up.  She likes antique stores so I was going to show her some in my town.  Btw, I deplore furniture stores but I'm the type of gallant guy who will take a lady to a furniture store if I think it will earn me "brownie points!"  Hey, at least I'm honest!

Weather cancelled that day and travel kept getting in the way.

But today's point is also about disclosure.  I'll be honest I am horrible about it; I definitely reveal myself too early too often.  I have gotten better at it though.  In this case I was trying not to ask too much too soon.  I had read all those posts from Riff where he doesn't see a picture because he wants the surprise and I was sort of aiming for that experience because I'm always looking to copy what someone else has perfected!  :)  So I purposefully didn't ask.  But curiosity finally got the better of me.  I knew her name, her occupation, and where she lived.  So it was not too hard to find her website.  Now I'm not a stalker I wasn't there to find her home address or her portfolio just a picture because let's face it, I'm shallow.

So just a hint ladies, don't share too much with those guys out there unless they are shallow guys like me and you only want to use your info to get us into bed!  :)

I did find a nice photo of her on the site and to my credit she was just as I imagined her.  Very intelligent, artsy, and professorial looking in kind of a gentrified way.  And definitely attractive.  Kind of like Mary Steenburgen with glasses.

But I have to admit when times repeatedly didn't work out I found myself not motivated to press because I didn't see myself yearning to rip her cloths off and have wild passionate sex.  I sort of had that with Sandra and I just walked away from it with Keeley so why start anew.  Or maybe it was this blog thing that was starting to de-horn me?  Anyway, I said she looked like a professor and I guess I hadn't really wanted to fuck my professor since I was in my early 20's; perhaps I had just grown out of that phase?  :)  Although, now that I think about it, I have always been turned on by glasses - I guess I like that intellectual look!

Anyway, interesting thing and a bit of a spoiler alert.  I was messing around on Plenty of Fish this past summer (more to come on that later).  And one day I get a message "Lonely in DC" wants to meet you.  Lo and behold it's Mrs Decorator!

So we re-ignited our conversations.  And again travel, work, etc. always got in the way.  And again I just wasn't motivated to push too hard.  Or maybe it's just that something else got in the way.  Hmmm...., well that as they say is another story.

Funny how she told me she was surprised that I hadn't found somebody yet.  Oh how the truth would set you free!  :)

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Riff Dog said...

I know the feeling of, "She's cute, but . . . well, maybe when I have more free time . . . "

This is actually one benefit to not seeing pictures up front. It's possible that if your first impression of her was in real life, as opposed to her picture, the excitement of the circumstances might have kicked in and you might have been more attracted.

Or not. ;-)