Thursday, November 17, 2011

With Her US Mail & Her Pony Tail Well She Looked So Sweet

E-Mail Queens Week

Day 4:  NBA Girl

Here is the other lady I mentioned in my Riff Goes to College post.  I think I mentioned around the time I came across Keeley's profile I found some other interesting ladies.  One of them was Sexy in DC.  Her profile just jumped out at you.  Sure it was mostly the headless photo of her with the slinky trapeze artist type outfit.  But furthermore it was her caption "I purr like a Maserati."  Wow, so many possibilities with that type of material to work with!

I think I said something to the effect of "do I need to purr in Italian to talk to you?"  She also said she liked Kickboxing so I probably said I was "willing to try because I love getting my ass kicked in different languages."  Again, I got to e-mail fairly quickly - I just love saying "can we segue to yahoo?"

The silhouette is Jerry West of Laker fame
I call her NBA girl because she said she was a former NBA cheerleader.  From her private photos, I saw nothing to dissuade me from believing that, she was definitely HOT!  She had long bleach blond hair, blue eyes, and seemed to live in a bikini.  She said she was an accountant, taught kickboxing on the side, and loved the water.  See that was probably my opportunity to talk about "water sports" on chat but I'm too slow for that so we ended up talking about food mostly and why debits have to equal credits.  She was part Italian, apparently not the bleach blond part but did like Italian food.  Oh, and btw one of her private photos I recognized from a Married but Playing profile.  My goodness, what type of person hangs out on all these adultery sites?  And my goodness what I could accomplish if I put my good memory to serving the needs of mankind.  Oh bother, this is way more fun!

My problem here was that I'm more of an afternoon delight kind of guy in these circles.  My wife travels and I have a lot of transportation duties in the evening.  On the weekends I just have yet to meet the person I want to risk it all for.  Mrs. NBA had older kids and I think she was more interested in getting out and playing at night.  Oh, and maybe with that body and living well within the Beltway, she could easily attract Mr. Smiling Executive (like Riff) - she didn't need Ryan Mr. Hick from the Sticks.  Well, I tried.  I have written to her periodically; she is a nice person.  And if I am in need of an audit she'll be the first I call - my books will be completely open for her!

In tribute to NBA Girl I have selected lyrics from the Stadium anthem Rock and Roll Parts I and II by Gary Glitter (or better know as the Hey Song).  Glitter, the former British Glam rock star, recorded the song in 1972.  Later in the decade a sports marketing rep started playing the song at the games of a minor league hockey team in Denver.  The song caught on and soon it was a tradition at Denver Nuggets and Broncos games and took off from there.  It is now as much a part of sports culture as the Wave, Mega Nachos, and the Redskins sucking because their owner gargles Steeley Dan's balls!

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