Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Time for a Winter (Summer) Friend

Or The Weather Outside is Frightful by Delightful Dear is Doubtful
how affairs are tough when it ain't golf weather

I just thought this was cute!
A few weeks ago I wrote about how affairs and the holidays don't mix.  And because they don't I had to endure a long dry spell last December.  But hope sprang eternal in January and I was able to spend quality time with Sandra shortly after the start of the new year (see last post); 2011 looked like it would be a good year.

Unfortunately I would find winter is sometimes a bad time for affairs as well.  Well, actually it's the weather that can play havoc or in my case more specifically the lack of "golf weather."

I mentioned once that Sandra referred to herself as a "golf widow."  Meaning her husband played a lot, which allowed her a lot of time to play with me!  It seemed like the perfect scenario.  At least until the husband stopped playing golf and then everything got screwed up.

Getting to know someone beyond a couple of hotel room hook-ups is actually pretty fascinating.  I am always the curious one so it was actually interesting to get familiar with Sandra's life.  Her husband is some type of high powered sales exec.  Not just a simple stockbroker or car salesman; I'm talking the kind of guy that sells Geico all of their computers and printers and stuff like that.  He worked from home and from my understanding generally put in about 3 to 4 hours a day and then hit the links.  Not exactly a work-a-holic but it apparently provided him enough income to keep Sandra happy; I think she mentioned getting a $20K check from him every month as part of her "golf widow's" pension.

He actually seemed like a really nice guy.  He is an ex-marine and yes I know your asking yourself "Ryan he probably knows how to kill people with a paper clip and a rubber band, are you stupid!"  Well the ultimate answer to that question is of course yes I am.  But apparently his measurements are about 5'10" and 250#'s+ so I think I could outrun him!  :)

And of course with those measurements you see that in addition to making Sandra a "golf window" he was not exactly in great shape which opened the door for me.  Guys, that's the educational piece for the day to keep your wife off AM - stay in shape, don't make her a "golf widow!"  Funny how the money doesn't keep one faithful though, just married!  :)

But again, I said he always seemed like a nice guy from the way Sandra spoke.  It was clear that he adores her in spite of his golf addiction.  And I think Sandra really does care for him although it may be more as an old piece of furniture that frustrates you because you don't know what to do with it but it's too sentimental to throw away.  Hey, that's exactly how Shannon feels about me - it must be karma!

Sandra had a daughter from a previous marriage and he had apparently really become a father figure to her daughter.  Sandra's daughter was caught in a really bad marriage and her husband, from Sandra's description, was one of her daughter's best allies.  Btw, Sandra's daughter's situation was often causing as much of a distraction as the weather.  Apparently her husband was a real pig and so Sandra really had to step in at times to hold things together.

Anyway, I am loosing my point today.  Sandra's husband, let's just call him Doug, was very concerned for her.  Anytime there was so much as a flake of snow or drop of rain he apparently didn't want her to leave the house.  Or at least that is what she said, I really don't have much reason to doubt her.  So kudos to him, never discount the value of having someone that cares!

And so late January though most of April was a continual process of making plans and then breaking them because weather was bad, Doug was not playing golf in the afternoon, or the daughter had some type of emergency.

But these are the things you have to deal with if you are going to play this type of game.  We did meet once for breakfast at IHOP and stayed in touch via e-mail and the occasional phone call.

Of course I had a few "e-mail queen" diversions on AM with Aleah, Lonely in DC, and Tiny Dancer (I forgot to write about her - it didn't go anywhere).  But by the end of February I was really on a sabbatical from AM.

The big question though is, was I mad or upset?  The funny thing is, the answer is no.  First, as I have said before, family comes first so you can never get mad when your affair partner has issues on the home front.  Also, I have to say once I got really going on this blogging thing it really took over my psyche and occupied me.  Even with the lingering dry spell over those lonely winter months I really started to get excited by that next post or planning for something down the road.  And throw in some friendly banter with your new found blogger friends and that adds up to a lot of satisfaction!

OK, so a lengthy post with really no interesting information.  Except for Doug, I purposefully brought him into the dialogue.  Not for any real reason but like my Shannon posts I think it is important to know that when you are having an affair there are other people involved even if they don't know it; so they affect you in some small way.  I think it's important to keep them in mind don't you?

So let's warp forward now to May where I'll hopefully pick things up next week.

Except for the next post this Saturday where I'll have to go back in time one more time to celebrate a another great date in Ryan history.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  Now get back to work and to the gym!

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Elle said...

I agree, Blogger friends ARE satisfying!

Naughty Kitty said...

Funny, I just stumbled upon this. I am having a similar problem hooking up throughout the holidays. It sucks!