Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Both Know We're Never Going to Make it

E-Mail Queens Week

Day 2:  Aleah

This post is actually dedicated to a girl I had a massive crush on in high school, her name was Aleah.  Actually that is a fabrication just like all the names here.  Aleah was actually the younger sister of a girl named Shannon that I had a massive crush on but Aleah was pretty good looking as well.  And I guess now that I think about it maybe that is why I have been throwing that Shannon name around here so much.

Anyway, I love that song "Ah Leah" by Donnie Iris.  As an FYI Iris was also a member of Wild Cherry of "Play that Funky Music White Boy" fame.  Just thought you would like to know that.

Remember how I was so somber and reflective at the end of 2010.  Well I think I mentioned that I was a guy so I'll give you a guess as to how long that somber mood lasted.   Yep, new year new AM ladies and I would be remiss if I didn't let them know about the charms of Ryan!

So back out on the trail I came across Aleah.  She was a local gal, meaning from my actual county.  Eeek, I live in a small area and was unsure but I gave it a shot anyway.  Maybe it was because on her AM profile not only did she mention looking to reignite that flame but she flat out said her husband has ED, so I took that to mean that she was not an e-mail queen.  :)

I wrote to her and laid out all my normal outdoor guy, physically fit, etc. stuff (she mentioned she loved the gym btw).  I got a reply back; she said "I sounded interesting."

We moved to yahoo e-mail fairly quickly.  She actually asked if I used yahoo chat.  That was new to me.  As you can see, it's hard enough to write when I have time to think; on chat I am as witty and urbane as Rick Perry in a debate!

But actually I did OK.  As some of you may know (who I have e-mailed with here) I tend to fall back on safety zones of food, travel, sports, family, and politics so chat ain't my forte.  I guess I just have a hard time typing out "hey babe I want to make you into my peach pie and have you cream all over me."  Nope, just not good at it.

Aleah did send me a pic (she didn't have any on AM) through yahoo.  She was definitely cute.  In the pic she was in a French Maid's uniform at a Halloween party.

On AM, she said she was 45 but she turned out to be 48; that seemed par for the course so far so it didn't bother me.

Things were progressing well and I thought a lunch date was immanent.  But she was always very reserved and I couldn't get a commitment.  At times weather was an issue.

Finally, she agreed to meet me at my gym of all places.  It is very nice and new and she wanted a tour.

Did I mention she was 5 feet even.  You know you don't think about it but from where I stand 5 ft 4 is short; that's my mom's height.  I'm 6 ft, just 2 inches over average so not a giant by any stretch.  But when you're standing a foot over someone it starts to get striking.

Well, that really was not the problem.  In conversation at the gym that day we realized that we had a lot of acquaintances in common.  In fact one family she was close to and actually had vacationed with had a daughter in the same ballet class with my youngest daughter.  That family's daughter had even been to my daughter's birthday party.

I may be a lot of things but one thing that I had promised myself (along with many of course) was that I wouldn't do anything that would embarrass my daughters.  Also, she worked for my HOA's Liability Insurance agent so I didn't want to embarrass him either!  :)

Aleah is a nice person and certainly attractive but I think it would have been crossing a line.  Of course sometimes my humor gets in the way as well.  We were chatting about skiing and she mentioned falling.  I followed with "at least you didn't have far to fall!"  I thought it was hilarious but I don't think she took it that way and was a bit miffed at being reminded of her vertical challenges.  We have e-mailed a few times since but have not seen each other again.  I have seen profiles that look like her's within the last few months so I think she is still out there, I wish her well!

Oh, and btw here is that Donnie Iris song - "Ah Leah," it's a classic!


Luna Moon said...

WOW! "Ah Leah!" It has been years since I heard that song! I had the 45 record and I used to play it over and over... (I'm aging myself, aren't I?)

Kat said...

"....hey babe I want to make you into my peach pie and have you cream all over me." - Hahahaha. I love it! Who says you're no good at that?