Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Girls Don't Cry-yi-yi, (they don't cry)

Ryan's Retro Summer

Past Adventure #5 - Trish (A Jersey Tale)

Guys, if you've never dated a "Jersey Girl" I'd suggest you do.  You need to get a Jersey Girl on your portfolio for perspective, they are a class unto themselves.  True, I have tended toward the "Southern Belle" more in my life but I am so glad to have known Tish, my Jersey Girl from my past.  And to honor my Jersey girl I have left you with a lyric from those famous Jersey Boys!

Because there is no such thing as the University of New Jersey chances are if you go to college anywhere along the eastern seaboard of the US you will be inundated with Jersey Girls.  Well, you'll have Jersey guys as well but I've just never been that attracted to the Joey Buttafuoco type so let's just stay on the subject of Jersey Girls (btw I think Joey B is actually from Lawng EYeland).  I guess Rutgers would qualify as U of NJ but have you been to New Brunswick?  You say No?  Well, I've been and I say good for you; it doesn't need to be on your bucket list!  To me it was really just a "mixing bowl" of exit ramps off the Jersey Turnpike.  And how can you have urban decay and trailer court trashy in the same town (wtf)?

I think somewhere back in my blog I mentioned working in college and doing a lot of pouring of drinks and serving of coffee et al.  In fact Ryan was pretty good at it and toward the end of his college career was in fact a manager of sorts.  Sure it was low pay but back then and in college $1,500/month was rolling in cash for a young man with nothing to spend his money on save rent, textbooks, and chasing girls!

Tish was from Jersey and she worked with me.  Well, since I was the manager I guess she worked for me. But then again, does a Jersey girl really ever work for someone else?  Yeah, she may have worked for me on some org chart but she worked me over pretty good!

Yes, Tish was quite "the Dish!"
As I've done with my other girls let's set a visual.  Tish was very petite and perky.  About 5'2", very cute, and with big brunette Jersey hair.  I would say she struck me as a little like Marissa Tomei or maybe even more specifically Illeana Douglas (who I think is very hot).

I had just gotten back to Big State U after a wonderful summer in Florida which I have previously mentioned.  My experience there with Chelle had boosted my confidence immensely!  I had worked with Tish the previous year and now that I was back at good Ole' BSU I had set my horizons on going out with her.  I always work best on deadline and I had given myself a week to ask her out.

And that I did and yes we went out.  If I'm remembering correctly it was nothing big, in fact I think we went out to a bar and watched Monday Night Football of all things.  I'll mention this, Tish's only fault was that she was a Giants fan but then again she was from Jersey so that would be expected.  But Ryan is ever the accommodating soul so even though I am a Redskins fan we went out to watch the Giants and those Dirty Rotten Philadelphia Eagles (obviously Tish was from North Jersey, since the Eagles in fact are the official team of South Jersey).  We had a great time, Tish was so cool.  She was hot, could drink with the boys, yelled and cursed at the Eagles, and probably belched out load too.  I actually don't remember her belching but if you know Jersey girls they don't mind letting it all hang out.

After the game I drove her home and walked her to the door.  Now Ryan the Southern Gentleman was asking her about what she was doing that week, saying "isn't it a lovely night," yada, yada.  You know, making polite conversation.  As I finish up what I was saying Tish (the Jersey Girl) abruptly plants a kiss on me; I'm sure she was bored with my Southern charm!  That's about it for that night but the trend had been established.  We were not dealing with a blushing Southern Belle, Tish was a full on Jersey Girl who had no problem taking what she wanted.

So in the coming weeks I let her take me.

WOW what a pistol she was!  Sex with Tish was a full on a work out.  As that other famous Jersey boy once wrote "just wrap your legs round these velvet rims and strap your hands round my engines.."   Yeah, Tish's legs felt so good wrapped around mine.  Why that song has never made it as New Jersey's official song IDK (note: NJ is the only state in the Union without a state song).  Anyway Tish and I were like a couple of tramps on the run!

I particularly remember one time after work after a busy Saturday night.  We had talked about catching up with friends for a drink after we finished but it was so busy going out after looked more and more unlikely.  We had stole a couple of horny glances at one another and I think she pinched me on the butt once as she passed by, shaking her butt as she walked away and giving me that sly smile of hers.  Yes, Tish that little Jersey girl was quite the little seductress, so innocent and sweet in public but a wildcat in private.  It was close to midnight before we finished up, a little late to catch up with others.  I told her I'd give her a ride home and she said come inside for a drink.

We walked into her apartment and she started walking straight down the hall stripping and dropping clothes as she walked away, I just watched a bit dumbfounded.  About half way down the hall she looks back wearing nothing at this point save her black lacy undies and her wry smile (as her bra fell to the floor) and she said "what are you waiting for are you coming?"

I quickly caught up to her and grabbed her kissing her as she climbed up me and wrapped her legs around me.  From there I awkwardly carried her back into her room.  She began peeling off my clothes.  About half undressed I picked her back up and threw her onto her bed.  She was now on her back legs slightly apart as I took off the rest of my clothes.  She watched through the break in her legs as if she was a big cat watching it's prey.  I climbed onto the bed and knelt before her slowly massaging her feet and then running my hands up her legs to her knees.  At her knees I abruptly pushed them apart and moved between.  I slipped my hand inside those black panties, her last remaining article of clothing.

I felt my way inside her and started to massage her clit.  As she started to moan I slowly began to pull her panties over her legs.  Once off I moved my body down to and on top of her.  I slid quickly in and was immediately fucking her as fast and hard as I could.  We were like two pistons working on overdrive.

But soon we rolled or perhaps slid over in a sweaty mess.  Now Tish was on top.  As great as any sex was with Tish on top and in cowgirl position was in fact her forte.  She moved quickly and efficiently her smallish but perfectly shaped pert breast bouncing before my eyes.  Her ass felt so good to the touch as my hands moved behind it as she glided over me.  At one point Tish made an seemingly effortless and thrilling pivot to reverse cowgirl.  I leaned up slightly on my elbows and just watched the show in euphoric appreciation.  The sight of her body working over mine and her ass flexing up and down over me quickly sent me to an explosively hard and longer than normal orgasm.

The great thing about Tish also was that she had that split personality of a "wildcat" in bed but then could transition so quickly to the sweetest girl you would ever know.  After sex we walked naked to the kitchen and found some cold pizza and then curled up on the couch and watched some movie like Fandango on TNT I think (remember Millineals no Dish on demand or TiVo back in the day)!  Hey great movie quote from Fandango "they're (Philip's parents) from New Jersey Philip, they've seen butts before!"

That night was awesome and many other awesome nights would follow over the next few months.

But soon reality started to creep up.  Remember how I said Tish worked for me.  Well if Jersey Girls are hard enough to work with, imagine how they are when you are also dating one as well!

You see Ryan made schedules and decided who worked where.  Now stupid me the slave to corporate profitability who believed in a merit system of scheduling would schedule staff where I thought they would do the best work for the company.  Tish was an outstanding employee btw, very quick, efficient, and as you may have guessed guest didn't mind looking at her ass either.

Well since Ryan knew Tish was one of his best employees he thought she should accept the challenge of working the toughest assignments.  You know, take it for the team!  That was my spirit, surely everyone else thought the same.  And because Tish was so good, she wouldn't ever need any help from the boss (Ryan); she could work on her own with no need for supervision.  That would allow Ryan to focus on teammembers who let's say needed more direct supervision.

Let's just say Tish didn't share the same passion of the company's mission statement that Ryan did.  I guess since she had allowed me the honor of screwing her from behind and given me that fine mental image of her soft pert ass gyrating in rhythm with my hips, she figured she deserved the best station, the best TIPS, and the most help.  When Ryan went to the aide of others, well in Tish's mind that was just a dereliction of faith.

Obviously this was a situation fraught with disaster!

And so Ryan had to make a judgement call, the company mission or Tish's ass.  I know, I know you say "that is such an easy decision Ryan!"  Yes, I know what I'd do now.  But remember for most of my life I've been so stupid I could "fuck up a wet dream" as they say sometimes.  Yes back then I was stupid.  I thought, this was my first chance at supervision.  This was important for my future and my resume.  And besides what does it say about a relationship if I have to compromise my principles to get laid.  Yes, I took the honorable and noble route and held my ground.

And since I did the stupid thing and voted my conscious, Tish eventually found someone else.

Oh well?

Thank god I've grown up and know now to pick ass over principles!

Here are those Jersey boys now.  You can see them in DC sometimes at the National Theater.  It's not actually Frankie Vallie and his boys it's one of those fancy stage shows but you'll get the point.


Elle said...

Hummm... I've yet to pick ass over principles. Something to take into consideration for my upcoming existential crisis.

Same sassy girl said...

Now this is more like it! Thanks Ryan!

Gertie said...

Oh Sindustry dating alot more complicated than if it was a white collar romance. Even though I am sure you are handsome and quite a catch, Tish sounds like the kind of girl who sleeps with the boss to get the best section and the least sidework. They have them at every restaurant, the location changes but the mindset is still the same. :)
I am glad you kept to your principles.

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Elle - Well in the final analysis I'm not sure if I would pick ass over principles but let me make one thing very clear if I did it would have to be one DAMN Fine ASS!

@ Sassy - Glad you like it; more disappointed set for Monday though. I'm like a shell game. Sex pops up just enough to keep you playing but in the end you always loose! :)

@ Gertie - I've done the white collar thing too. Trust me it only lead to more heart-break. But that is another story!