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My First Time with Susan

I’ve alluded to my first time on my blog on two occasions so I’m glad to write about it now in more detail.  I somehow managed to get through high school without getting layed.  I know that sounds tough to comprehend.  But I was a skinny bean pole and very shy.  That combined with being very finicky meant I was mostly out in the cold.  Looking back I had at least two good chances with girls who by any normal person’s standards would have been completely acceptable if not hot.  Unfortunately I had an ongoing infatuation with this girl named Shannon that remained unrequited. I guess my blog parallels that in that my wife (who I’ve named Shannon in the blog) has replaced that girl from my history.  But I have digressed, I did date a few times and did go out with a gorgeous girl for my senior prom, albeit as friends.

But after high school I went to one college and Shannon went to another.  I grew up near the college I attended and so I often did go home for various reasons.  And now you say, OK Ryan you are a weenie and telling us you went back to mommy in college but we are here for sex, what gives!

Well on one particular weekend the parents were to be out of town.  They asked Ryan, the diligent and caring son to “house-sit” for the weekend.  If you have read my blog you know I love math and science.  Did you know that house sit = opportunity!  Yes, let me derive that for you.

You see, I still remained connected to some of my friends who did not go to college, went to community college, and who went to the same college I did.  On this particular weekend back home from Big State U I decided to hang out with some of my local friends.  Earlier in the week I had also come across a female friend (Jules) of mine from high school that was also going to be around town that weekend and she was in fact going to be hanging out with some of her new college friends.

I saw Jules occasionally around campus and I had met her new college friend Susan.  She seemed very nice if not cool.  As with most guys I am a visual person so let’s say Susan looked a lot like the lady to the left of Don Johnson (below) and let’s say I look like Don Johnson.  The former would be true that later, well let’s just say that you can say anything on a blog!  :)

Jules was a blond and actually did look a little like Cybil there to the right of Don.

So it’s a Friday night in my hometown and my parents are out of town.  My “townie” friends and I run into Jules and Susan on a “beer run.”  My friends and I are heading back to my house to drink and so I casually and amicably invite Jules and her friends over.  They accept.

So now we are back at the Beaumont homestead and drinking and laughing and having fun.  Susan takes up a spot on the couch next to me and seems to find me very funny.  Btw, laughing at my jokes is always a great way to get on my good side.  In fact she does more than just laugh at my jokes she is actually flirting with me (or so I think).

After about a 12-pack, among 3 guys, and some wine coolers, among 3 girls we decide to go out on the town.  I am not a “dance place” kind of guy but this particular place was known to not be so-discriminating about one’s choice of ID.  And since my ID said I was an Asian immigrant student name Xiao Ming this was good (my fake ID didn’t really say that).  So we get in and soon begin drinking some more.  I must have had some metal attached to me somewhere because something on Susan seemed to cling magnetically to me.  She dragged me onto the dance floor and we did one of those crazy caucasian drunk dances.  But the fast music stopped and I started to turn toward the bar as something like Styx’s “Babe” came on.  Except I didn’t make it to the bar.  Susan took my hand and eased up to me and before I knew it we were dancing slow.

Then again with that magnet, something was pulling her lips to my neck.  Soon I felt this sucking/kissing sensation on my neck and then it wandered to my cheek.  By the end of the song Susan had moved her face to mine and we were kissing.

I am not sure how much longer we stayed at the bar it was certainly for a few more dances and several more beers.  After the bar we drifted back over to my house and the girls came along, they needed to sober up as Jules lived way out in the country (I’m such a good guy).  Except we didn’t really sober up.  Well, maybe my friends did and maybe Jules did, I was not really paying attention.  At some point my “townie” friends had to leave, they had to work the next day; they were only beginning to see how much life sucked after school.  For us fortunate few who didn’t have to worry about a paycheck we continued to drink.  Well really that was just me and Susan because at some point Jules and her other friend had left.  

I felt bad for Susan, she had been left by her friends in an unfamiliar home.  Well I didn’t feel bad for long and she didn’t seem to feel bad either.  Soon we were back on that same couch we were on earlier but now in a full-on “lip lock.”

Now I know in these blogs it is always so sexy to read about the lead up to and foreplay as you crescendo to the sex.  However, in this case we are moving toward “drunk sex” where the foreplay is lost in a fog of sloppy fumbling for buttons, belts, and eventually condoms.  What I know is that we hit that double bed in the extra bedroom with a trail of clothes left behind in our path.  I do remember kissing and the removal of the final layer of undergarments and finally I remember sliding on top of her.  But beyond that, how conjunctive or disjunctive reality was with what is remembered, imagined, or dreamed is up for debate.

My next concrete memory is what seemed like the next day but really only about 2 hours later.  I woke up and Susan was on top of me and giving me a blow job.

Unlike most guys I really didn’t like waking up to that and that is kind of why I’ve never been big on blow jobs.  When I got my wits about me I motioned for her to come forward which meant she moved her hips over mine and mounted me.  She then moved over me slowly and smoothly.  She started to tire and reclined onto me and kissed me.  We rolled over and now I was on top.  I now started to get into this.  I felt attractive and powerful as I thrust and she sighed.  I was doing OK and I was glad.  I started to feel that innate primal desire to penetrate deep into her and feel the release.  I started to get that tickling feeling in my hips and loins (so to speak).  It motivated me to drive hard and faster.

And then somewhere I reached back into the boundaries of sobriety and realized something.  I think I am seconds away from cuming and I am unsheathed.  I felt bad because I didn’t know what to do.  I guess Susan had not thought about this or had not found her way back from our collective drunken fog because she seemed quite happy and content if not hypnotically enraptured.  Who was I to pull her back to reality.  Do I stop, do I cut her off, do I do what I know I shouldn’t.   I finally slowed down.  I apologized and said I needed to get something.  I walked back to the bathroom and amazingly found the condoms that I hoped I left there.  I took one out but walked back to her.  I thought it might be cool to put it on in front of her.  

I was now on my knees above her.  She lay on her back beneath me, legs spread and with a blissful smile.  This apparently was the turn on I was looking for, for as I started to put on the condom I felt myself go over the big hill and plummet down that fast roller-coaster ride.  Except that I had not gotten back in the car so to speak.  Oh well.

I hate to admit this because Susan really was cool and I enjoyed hanging out with her but in the end I was just not that attracted to her.  I guess I’m an idiot or cling to some Renaissance image of attraction to a certain kind beauty, who knows.  Susan was attractive, just not for me.

But if I’m anything, I’m considerate and I had now had sex with this girl.  In fact she had taken my penis into her mouth and elicited an explosive response from me.  My conundrum now was how long is it among polite company to date a woman who has sucked your dick?  I know a lot of guys would say, who cares she enjoyed it; she should thank me.  But I worried about these types of things.  And so we dated for a few weeks.  Mostly it was meeting for dinner in the college cafeteria and hanging out in the dorm rooms.

Eventually I think Susan started going to a particular frat for parties and found someone far more willing to have sex with her on her terms which I think according to today’s terminology was NSA (ask Kat, she just did a whole post on this very topic).  Most guys would say she was the perfect girl but then again I’m not most guys; I’m way more dumb.  I was probably too Victorian for her.  But in the end no harm no foul - it was really a good first time in the end!

“There's that knock on your door and they're there in your house
If you can't talk love you better get out
These are women without any faults…

And they are never accidental
And the party never ends
So close your eyes and make a wish—
The sex girls will be there!

Are you ready for the sex girls?”

Gleeming Spires (from the Revenge of the Nerds soundtrack)


Same sassy girl said...

Oh my... Long Hot Summer is the hottest things EVAR! I shouldn't admit this, but I watch the YouTube clip of them at the river. A lot. Thanks for sharing your sweet story. Even if you didn't provide enough details. Again.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love this:
"My conundrum now was how long is it among polite company to date a woman who has sucked your dick? I know a lot of guys would say, who cares she enjoyed it; she should thank me. But I worried about these types of things."

Elle said...

Great post! One of my fav... loved the way you wrote it!

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Sassy - yeah, that was a later movie for Don but WOW I have always had the ultimate crush on Jennifer Connelly!

@ Tempting - this post sort of mirrors my life in that politeness mixed with male tendencies tends to get me in so much trouble.

@ Thanks Elle! You da bomb!

Anonymous said...


I like your writing as much as the stories you tell.

cammies on the floor said...

My first time I did not debate how long should I date this dude? He was ridiculously hot, but I was just there for sex.

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