Monday, June 4, 2012

Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

I've really enjoy doing these best of the rest lyric quotes.  I love music and I can't get everything into the blog so this gives me a chance to show off a few things that hit me as interesting for you.  In my past two Best of the Rest posts here and here I have tried to mix and match themes.  I think the first one was a bit slanted to country the second was more eclectic with country and more 90's stuff.  Oh, and I hope you guys have been dodging those hurricanes out there so far!

Today I'm going to try to focus on oldies but goodies.  The title lyric is from an oldie but goodie.  I kind of grew up a little adult.  Most of my parent's friends were a little younger and didn't have kids.  I particularly liked this one couple who sometimes babysat when my folks were out of town.  I always enjoyed going over to their house because they had a great record collection.  I heard Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" for the first time at their house (they were from Jersey so they were big fans).  Some of the other albums/songs I remember from their house were Janis Joplin's "Take Another Piece of My Heart," the Moody Blues (my favorite was always "Legend of a Mind" about Timothy Leary), and Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 "Mas Que Nada."  Yes Gen Y and Z'ers that song was popular waaay before Rio!  And of course they were big Dylan fans, my favorites albums were "Blood on the Tracks" and "Desire," which includes the song above.

So here are some great oldies but goodies:

*   That sonofabitch is brave and gettin' braver (hint - from the same song as above)
*   Workin' for a while on a fishing boat right outside of Delacroix....She was workin' in a topless place and I stopped in for a beer.....
*   You had the Dom Perignon in your hand and spoon up your nose...... Go on and cry in your coffee but don't come bitchin' to me....
*   I just wish I could have told him in the living years.
*   He's the hairy headed gent, who ran amuck in Kent, lately he's been overheard in Mayfair.  Better stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out Jim.  I'd like to meet his taylor.
*   Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain, with the rain in .....
*   When I'm tired and thinking cold; I hide in my music, forget the day and dream of a girl I used to know
*   Mellow is the man who knows what he's been missing many many men can't see the open road
*   I went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse
*   All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise
*   Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues and you know it .......
*   I'm going where the sun keeps shining through the pourin' rain, goin' where the weather suits my clothes
*   With the wind in your hair of a thousand laces.
*   All our times have come.  Here but now there, gone...
*   I wish I was a headlight on a northbound train
*   All hips and lips, made to trick, just any fool
*   The Christmas Tree I wish I was the ornament on top
Note:  I did have a quote from this song on my AM profile for some time

*   Hello you, yes it's me.  You can't come back, you're flyin' free....
*   I've watched all the dropouts who make their own rules
*   Rainy day lovers don't hide love inside they just pass it along.

*   I took the city 'bout 1 am (loaded, loaded).  I'm all geared up to score again (loaded, loaded)
Note:  perhaps this one is more aspirational although my target is not the same as Mr. Halford.

*   Guess I got what I deserved, kept you waiting there too long my love....
Note:  this actually could be the title song to my marriage.

As always take a stab at guessing the groups and songs, the prize if my eternal admiration!

Oddly, I was having trouble finding a clip of Dylan's song "The Hurricane."  Most clips were more bios on the story.  I did find this clip which is in fact NOT Dylan.  But I love this cover with a hint of Tejas!

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