Friday, June 1, 2012

To All the Girls I've Loved Before

Right off the bat I want to say that song is the pukiest song I have ever heard.  Well maybe that "Never Been to Me" song was worse but really who cares they both suck.  But it just fits so I went with it; poor taste has never deterred me on this blog after all, has it?  :)

So here we are June 1st and as alluded to before Ryan has decided it's time for a break.  But unlike other blogs I won't leave you hanging or say I'll be back in July and then not write until September.  No I'm kind of like the networks, I'll give you some cheesy fill in series and some re-runs and hopefully it will keep you occupied and coming back.  And besides Kat just gave me an extra credit assignment for the summer as well (read to the end for details).

So without further adieu I bring you:

Ryan's Retro Summer!

I, I love the colorful cloths she wears
This is how this will go.  First, in June I am going to give some "Past Adventure" stories.  See that is how the title lyric above fits.  These will all be girls from my past.  These memories should just write themselves so I won't have to expend too much effort.  I've done this before as I recently wrote about Chelle, a girl I met one summer down in Florida.  But really I got the idea for the this series more from a post I did a long time ago when mentioning my "first time."

To give you a little more info on that "first time," her name was Susan and she was, as I said in that original blog post, OK looking.  She had carrot red hair and was fairly well endowed and very forward.  I tend to end up with shy and petite more often so she was a bit different.  She was really cool and fun to hang out with, I always had fun with her.  But unfortunately she was more fun as a drinking buddy.  As a "*uck buddy" in the end I was just not that attracted to her.  As odd as this may sound coming from a guy writing a sex blog I am in fact not an extravagantly sexual person.  I tend to enjoy the chase and have to feel something romantical (and such) otherwise I drift.  I would like to say I have a high need to be needed but it is probably more about narcissism.  But I am drifting now, so eventually I drifted away from Susan.

Actually I do have to admit my inspiration here is not entirely from my own blog.  I remember reading a blog Riff shared once (Crack the Whip) about a guy who's blog is about all the women he had slept with over the years.  I think he was older and this was a way of reminiscing.  So I guess as a guy going through his mid-life crisis now is as good a time as any to do my reminiscing!

But as a prelude to "Retro Summer" on Monday I've got a "Best of the Rest" ready to go.   That's lyrics I like but probably won't use for a post on my blog.  Then, next Thursday I start with my series of Past Adventures.  I'll even list them out so you can plan on being somewhere else if they don't look interesting; I'm that customer service friendly!    :)

Ryan's Past Girls (of Summer or other seasons)
Jenny - The Road Not Taken
Windy - Sometimes the Road Not Taken is a Good Thing
Ann - Ryan Tries on a Grunge Chick for Size
Brianne - A Game of Cat and Mouse
Tish - A Jersey Tale
Laurie and Cass (and Jodee) - The Bests that Never Were

Following these as we get into July I will give you my "best's of" in a variety of categories.  This is where I will allow some audience participation although I retain right of first refusal on deciding the award recipient.

Here are the categories, let me know if anyone has nominations for any particular category.

*     Best Humor (Miscellaneous Rant)
*     Best Food Post
*     Best FFF
*     Best Reflection
*     Best Past Adventure
*     Best Advice
*     Best of Riff Dog
*     Best Shannon Story
*     Best Old Sex
*     Best New Sex
*     Honorable Mention

Finally, Kat has a new game to play.  It's kind of like FFF or TMI.  Once a month bloggers will be able to post a short essay on a common theme to a portion of the PWK site, click here for details.

I'm looking forward to my first post in June where I will obviously expand on my Susan story from above.

And yes I did help Kat decide on the monthly themes (ego drives me to say that).  Guess which one's were mine!  I'll give you a hint which blogger writes about sultry, sensual, kinky stuff (hint - she's feline) and which blogger likes to pretend that he writes about sex but usually drifts off into inane popish topics like the world ending, airline seating, Ashley Madison mobile applications, or predicting college bowl games based on cheerleader hottness.

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